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 Muse Studio Jewellery creates stylish, beautifully elegant, jewellery - each and every piece individually handcrafted so no two items are identical. We take our inspiration from all around the natural world... transforming ideas into fluid and sensual contemporary  jewellery. The results are not always a replication of the original but more a reflection of what inspired us. Our jewellery represents different things to different people, perhaps symbolising emotions like 'love', 'friendship' or 'hope', making each piece something special to treasure.

Our collections include different contemporary styles of rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, pendants and earrings, including pieces inset with precious stones, allowing you to reflect your own personality and style.

Additionally we provide personalised message 'stamped' bangles, and create bespoke commissioned pieces of jewellery available in silver, white or yellow gold - giving you something really unique, ideal for a special occasion, or perfect gift for someone you cherish.